Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Procedure in North Houston

What is a flexible sigmoidoscopy?

Flexible sigmoidoscopy is a procedure that can detect underlying gastrointestinal problems that cause symptoms like abdominal pain or frequent diarrhea. Your doctor also may use the procedure to screen for colorectal cancer. During the procedure, your gastroenterologist at Allied Digestive Disease Center uses a sigmoidoscope, a long, flexible tube with a small light and camera at the end, to look into your rectum and lower colon. The camera detects irregularities so your doctor can make a more accurate diagnosis of your digestive problem. Additionally, the camera could be used to help guide your surgeon during an operation to treat certain digestive diseases.

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Why is flexible sigmoidoscopy used?

Flexible sigmoidoscopy is used to examine the last one-third of the large intestine for polyps, ulcers, tumors, inflammation, or bleeding. It also can be used to remove tissue samples (biopsy) for laboratory analysis.

One of our GI providers may recommend using flexible sigmoidoscopy if you experience symptoms of one of the following digestive diseases:

What does flexible sigmoidoscopy involve?

Before your appointment, be sure to discuss any medications you are taking and other concerns with Dr. Adeyefa or another member of our team.

During the procedure, your doctor will gently use the sigmoidoscope to examine the walls of your colon and rectum. The sigmoidoscope gives your doctor a clear image to spot any abnormalities and possible cancerous growths.

Flexible sigmoidoscopy takes only a short time and you’ll feel little discomfort during the procedure. Most patients feel minor cramping that quickly subsides following your appointment.

How do I prepare for a flexible sigmoidoscopy?

You will need to clean out your colon before the procedure. This is done by drinking a solution that causes diarrhea, called a laxative. You also may be asked to follow a special diet for a few days before your appointment.

Your doctor will give you specific instructions on how to prepare for your flexible sigmoidoscopy when you schedule your appointment.

Do you need sedation for flexible sigmoidoscopy?

The procedure itself is generally not painful, though some people may experience slight discomfort from the pressure of the tube. Sedation is not typically needed, but it may be an option for those who are particularly anxious about the procedure.

After the tube is inserted, the doctor will inflate the colon with air in order to get a better view. During this time, some people may feel cramping or bloating. However, these sensations are usually not severe and will go away once the procedure is over.

Overall, a flexible sigmoidoscopy is a quick and relatively painless way to screen for colon cancer. If you have any concerns about the procedure, be sure to discuss them with your doctor beforehand.

What are the benefits of undergoing flexible sigmoidoscopy at Allied Digestive Disease Center of Houston?

At Allied Digestive Disease Center, our main goal is to help our patients return to their healthy digestion and prevent future issues. Some of the many benefits of entrusting our team with your flexible sigmoidoscopy procedure include:

  • Little discomfort
  • Short procedure
  • Minimally invasive
  • Detects a wide range of digestive health issues
  • Can spot precancerous and cancerous lesions early
  • Comfortable, compassionate environment
  • Little or no downtime

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