Abdominal Pain and Digestive Problems

What Is Digestive Pain?

Digestive pain and discomfort can occur when your digestive system is not working at its best. This can occur for a wide range of reasons. When digestive issues only occur every now and then, it is usually nothing to worry about. However, if symptoms occur more frequently and for a long period of time, it could indicate a health issue, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gallbladder disease, Crohn’s disease, or colorectal cancer.

Causes Digestive Pain

There are wide-ranging causes for digestive pain and issues, ranging from normal, everyday causes to severe, life-threatening causes.

Non-Serious Causes For Digestive Pain

Some of the most common reasons for non-serious digestive pain include:

  • Gas pains
  • Indigestion
  • Pulled muscle
  • Constipation
  • Stomach virus
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Food sensitivity

Serious Causes of Digestive Pain

Among the most common serious reasons for digestive pain include:

Symptoms Of Digestive Issues

It’s important to recognize when your digestive problems are insignificant or something that should be addressed by a doctor. When your symptoms are mild and occur only every now and then, you probably have nothing to worry about. However, if your symptoms are severe and occur more than three times a month for several months, you should see a gastroenterologist for an evaluation. At Allied Digestive Disease Center, we can determine whether the cause for your digestive pain is serious or nonserious.

Symptoms that might indicate a digestive problem include the following:

How Are Digestive Problems Diagnosed?

Dr. Adeyefa and the team of digestive health experts at Allied Digestive Disease Center of Houston can help get to the bottom of your digestive pain. We specialize in determining exactly what is causing your digestive issues and coming up with a personalized approach to treating your condition. Some of the digestive tests that we might recommend to help us accurately diagnose your condition may include:

What Happens If A Digestive Problem Is Left Untreated?

Because digestive pain can indicate any number of digestive conditions, it’s important to consult with an experienced digestive disease doctor to evaluate your symptoms and provide you with an accurate diagnosis. Once you understand why your digestive issues are occurring, you can begin a treatment plan to control your symptoms and begin to live a healthier life. Leaving a digestive issue untreated not only allows painful symptoms to continue but could also lead to serious health complications, depending on the condition you are suffering from.

Treatment For Digestive Pain In Houston

At Allied Digestive Disease Center of Houston, Dr. Adeyefa and our team can offer the full range of digestive disease care and prevention. In addition to offering digestive disease diagnostic testing, we also provide personalized treatment plans for each of our patients, addressing your individual concerns and needs. Depending on the exact condition you are suffering from and your personal needs, your treatment options may include:

  • Prescription medication
  • Digestive health education
  • Dietary counseling
  • Surgery

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If you are experiencing stomach pain, visit Allied Digestive Disease Center of Houston. Our team strives to provide excellence in gastroenterology, hepatology, and nutrition services for patients in North Houston and the surrounding areas. We believe quality care begins with a patient-centered approach to diagnosing and treating both minor and chronic GI conditions. Schedule an appointment at our practice today by calling 832.912.4481 or fill out the form on this page.

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